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Wide Span Industrial Shelving (sometimes known as Heavy Duty Shelving or Baby Rack) is strong, affordable and extremely versatile. It’s ideal for an almost unlimited range of applications; from garage shelving to record storage to retail display shelving and warehouse applications. Metalware Wide Span Shelving is also great for hand stack operations where heavy capacity pallet racking isn’t required.

Wide Span shelving beams quickly and easily assemble onto the Metalware frames like standard pallet rack beams, only they’re much lighter. Shelf and deck options include particle board, galvanized shelf panels (drop in panels) and wire mesh decks. Various combinations of shelf types can also be utilized with the same bay as needed. Easy to clean and maintain it’s great option for grocery display and retail operations.

Benefits of Metalware Wide Span Shelving include:

  • 1pc beam design for strength and safety
  • Beam heights are adjustable on 2″ centers
  • Standard deck/shelf types available – particle board, galvanized panels and wire mesh decks
  • Provides unobstructed horizontal access widths up to 96″
  • Stock sizes available for quick delivery

Wide Span Industrial Shelving was introduced in 2014 to meet the distribution needs for a bulk storage system. Utilizing a metal frame and a low cost wood shelf can achieve savings for the end user all the whilewide span industrial shelving maintaining the capacities needed for a larger size than can be offered in more traditional industrial shelving products.

  • Easy installation
  • Cost effective
  • Available in multiple depths, widths and heights
  • Multiple surfaces for the shelves such as wood, wire mesh and steel

Wide Span shelving is ideal for record storage, Wide span’s dimensions are in line with standard archival box sizes.