Warehouse Mezzanines & Storage Platforms

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Increase work and storage space with mezzanines

Increase your manufacturing and storage capacity fast – without incurring costly renovations or moving to a new facility – with a structural steel mezzanine. Whether you need a little or a lot more floor space, Rack Systems Inc. has the perfect mezzanine solution to fit your application, your timing and your budget. All mezzanines are engineered with your business in mind. Intelligently built, the modular components easily adapt to your evolving needs, providing the added value, flexibility and functionality you need in fast-changing times.

The promise of a stress-free experience is built into every mezzanine system we design and install. Faster than you ever imagined possible, we can build an industrial strength mezzanine around the existing layout of your facility, matching its exact height, area and load requirements.

  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency
  • Increase storage capacity and footprint
  • Save cost of construction and/or re-location
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Rack Systems Inc. will work closely with you transform unused vertical space into a profitable storage area. No contractors. No architects. Just send us your additional space requirements and we will return an AutoCAD drawing showing precisely how your mezzanine will be configured with the existing layout of your warehouse, matching its exact height, area and load requirements. And best of all, each mezzanine comes with a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Mezzanines have come in many configurations and applications such as:

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In-plant Office Mezzanines
In a busy warehouse setting, office space must be sacrificed in favour of larger production and storage areas. Install mezzanine and put an end to these limitations. By creating a fully integrated in-plant office above your production floor, the mezzanine can effectively double the usable space in your facility, leaving ample room for offices and equipment.

Other storage applications include:

  • Warehouse Storage Mezzanines
  • Conveyor Support Mezzanines
  • Auto Dealer Distribution Mezzanine
  • Exhibition Platforms
  • Sports Facilities
  • Fitness Centre Mezzanines

Please be aware that mezzanine do require permits. The RSI mezzanine process includes:

  1. Warehouse site analysis
  2. Mezzanine permits
  3. Cogan mezzanine manufacturing
  4. Installation

Rack Systems Inc. will visit your warehouse facility to provide a storage needs assessment and consultation.