Roll Out Pallet Storage

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Roll Out Rack from Rack Systems Inc.

Roll Out Racks are modular and adaptable. They can be reconfigured and repurposed as your storage requirements change. All Roll Out solutions are purposefully engineered and designed to improve safety and efficiency. Rack Systems Inc. line of “roll out” product storage equipment includes:

  • Roll Out Pallet
  • Roll Out Sheet Rack
  • Roll Out Cantilever
  • Roll Out Vertical Sheet
  • Roll Out Sheet Tower
  • Honeycomb Rack

Roll Out Pallet Storage

Roll Out Pallet Rack

Enables easy accessibility to product stored on pallets. Hand picking product from the first levels of a pallet racking system can be quite difficult;  increasing the chance of injury and accidents, while reducing picking efficiency.

Roll Out Pallet is the solution to picking problems by increasing picking speed. In addition, Roll Out Pallet optimizes space and safety. Roll Out Pallet offers easy access to your product and facilitates the picking process and management of inventory. Roll Out Pallet units are extremely durable for your warehouse storage and product picking requirements.

  • Maximum capacity: 1000-lbs per unit
  • Extension: 75%
  • 48″ wide x 42″ deep
  • 42″ wide x 42″ deep
  • 42″ wide x 48″ deep
  • 48″ wide x 48″ deep
  • Custom sizes available
  • For beam installation, it can accommodate sizes up to 2’’ x 6’’ beams

Roll Out Cantilever Rack

Roll Out Cantilever Rack

The ideal storage and picking solution for iron bars, PVC and steel piping, and other long awkward products. Roll Out Cantilever provides a safe and accessible storing and retrieval solution.

  • Suitable for material lengths: 12′, 20’, 24’, 30′, 40’, 60′
  • Standard heights: 100”, 124”, 148” or 184”
  • Drawer depths: 20”, 24”, 36”, 42″
  • Drawer capacity: 3,900 to 16,800 lbs.
  • Minimum space between drawers: 5″, adjustable every 3”
  • Drawers open 100%, allowing full access
  • Fixed top capacity: 15,000 lbs. and more
  • Locks on all drawers
  • Opens with ratchet handle
  • Modular design allows reconfiguration of levels.

Roll Out Sheet Rack

Roll Out Sheet Racks

Organize your storage and work space with Roll Out Sheet Rack. Materials removed from floor space and stored in Roll Out Sheet Racks are easily accessible. Valuable floor space is freed up for work space. Keeps your employees organized and safe.

  • Easy to add or remove drawers
  • Rear loading is standard on all models
  • Exceptional storage, up to 13 drawers in a single rack
  • Standard height is 96″
  • Opens 100% for full access
  • Lock-in, lock-out on every drawer
  • High-quality, durable powder-coat paint
  • 7 models available from 4’ x 4’ to 6’ x 12’
  • Drawer capacity: 5,000 lbs. UDL
  • Up to 13 drawers per rack unit

Roll out Vertical Sheet Rack

Roll Out Vertical Rack

Roll Out Vertical Sheet Rack is designed for storage of smaller pieces, cut pieces, partial sheets, and off-cuts from other work operations. It can store a variety of sizes and shapes of sheet material, held vertically on a rolling drawer that facilitates efficient loading and retrieval. Vertical Sheet Rack is small and compact and can be situated close production equipment.

  • Rack and contents are highly visible
  • Each non-skid drawer extends fully from the rack
  • Each drawer is easily extended by one person
  • Each sheet is available quickly, easily, and safely
  • Rapid access to sheets makes for reduced operating costs.

The racks are equipped with wire mesh backing, removable holding arms, and a protective lining. Specifications include:

  • Standard capacity: 1 500 lbs.
  • 8 models ranging from 6′ x 4′ to 12′ x 5′
  • Up to 15 roll out vertical drawers per section
  • 8 bearings align each vertical drawer

Roll Out Sheet Tower

Roll Out Sheet Towers

Ideal for laser, plasma, and water-jet cutting production. The Sheet Tower from Rack Systems Inc. makes easy work of handling and storing sheets of raw material for production. Features of the Roll Out Sheet Tower include:

  • Each level houses one cartridge with a capacity of 5,000 pounds
  • Capacity of each Sheet Tower is 200% of that of a standard pallet rack or cantilever racking
  • Allow storage of many different types of sheet material
  • Fewer piles and easier inventory control
  • Cartridges have lips on 3 sides to keep material from slipping or falling when transported with a lift truck
  • Each cartridge has fork pockets built in for easy access by forklift

The Sheet Tower frees up floor space allowing personnel to move more freely and securely within the workspace. Specifications include:

  • Tower heights of 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′
  • Removable cartridge sizes: 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10’, 5’ x 10’, 5’ x 12’, 6’ x 12′
  • Capacity: 5,000 lbs. per cartridge

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