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Paul Haggett: Leading Expert in Warehouse Storage Solutions

Paul Haggett, the Managing Director of Rack Systems Inc., is a renowned figure in the Material Handling and Warehouse Storage industry. With an impressive career spanning over 35 years, Paul has become synonymous with innovative and efficient pallet racking systems across North America. His leadership at Rack Systems Inc., a leading provider of turnkey pallet rack and product storage integrations in Toronto, Mississauga, and Southern Ontario, showcases his commitment to revolutionizing warehouse storage.

Key Achievements in Warehouse Storage:

  • Beginnings: Paul’s career took off at Pacific Westeel Racking in 1984, quickly advancing from laborer to a pivotal role in inside sales by 1987.
  • Leadership Evolution: By 1988, under the mentorship of industry leaders like Vince Cirillo, Paul transitioned into outside sales, eventually becoming the General Sales Manager at Pacific Westeel in 2007.
  • Entrepreneurial Success: Founded 3D Storage Solutions in 2011, leading to significant business growth, and ultimately started Rack Systems Inc. in 2016, focusing on advanced warehouse storage solutions.

Influential Network:

Paul credits his success to a network of mentors, colleagues, and clients who have shaped his approach to sales and business strategy in the warehouse storage sector. This includes notable figures such as Jim Christie, Rick Ladoucer, and Vince Cirillo.

Rack Systems Inc.: Synonym of Innovation in Pallet Racking

Rack Systems Inc. has established itself as a leader in the warehouse storage industry under Paul Haggett’s direction. The company is recognized for its bespoke storage solutions, addressing complex storage needs with state-of-the-art pallet racking systems that optimize efficiency and maximize space utilization.

Paul Haggett’s journey and Rack Systems Inc.’s success story are prime examples of innovation, expertise, and leadership in the warehouse storage and pallet racking industry, making them key players in transforming warehouse operations for businesses across North America.

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