SpeedCell High-Density Shelving

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Speedcell shelving overview

Maximize warehouse efficiency with Unex’s SpeedCell, a high-density shelving solution designed to enhance space utilization and order accuracy. Available in six sizes, with or without racking, SpeedCell is ideal for warehouses aiming to improve storage and pick speed. Rack Systems Inc., a premium Unex distributor, offers easy-to-assemble, pre-configured SpeedCell bays.

Speedcell High-Density Shelving Features:

  • Increase storage density by 40-60%
  • Reduce labor costs up to 40%
  • Transform space into useable storage
  • Add more SKUs in less space
  • Create a highly efficient and accurate pick
  • Offered in 6 standard column sizes ranging from XS – XXL
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Operating temperature of -20° to 180°F (-29° to 82°C)
  • Resistant to flame and mold
  • Storage Capacity – cell: up to 35 lbs; column: up to 240 lbs
  • 5-year warranty

Unex SpeedCell: Revolutionize Your Storage and Efficiency

Unex’s SpeedCell high-density shelving system is the ultimate solution for leveraging vertical space, optimizing storage capacity, and streamlining accessibility. Ideal for environments where quick order picking and efficient space management are crucial, SpeedCell addresses the needs of various industries by enhancing warehousing and distribution operations.

Ideal Applications for SpeedCell High-Density Shelving:

  1. High-Density Storage: Perfect for storing a large volume of small to medium-sized items without expanding the floor space.
  2. Efficient Space Utilization: Utilizes vertical space effectively, making it invaluable for businesses with limited warehouse space.
  3. Rapid Order Picking: Enhances order picking processes by minimizing travel time and reducing errors, crucial for fast-paced operations.
  4. Inventory Organization: Simplifies inventory management with an organized storage system, ensuring easy access to stored items.

Where to Implement SpeedCell High-Density Shelving:

  1. E-commerce Warehouses: Streamlines storage for small to medium-sized products, crucial for the fast-moving e-commerce sector.
  2. Pharmaceutical Distribution: Supports precise inventory management and quick access to medications and supplies.
  3. Automotive Parts Storage: Efficiently organizes small to medium-sized auto parts for quick retrieval.
  4. Retail Distribution Centers: Optimizes inventory management for a wide range of products, especially valuable during peak demand.
  5. Manufacturing Facilities: Minimizes raw material or component access time, supporting smooth production flows.
  6. Electronics and Component Storage: Ideal for managing inventory of electronics and small components with efficiency.
  7. Cold Storage Warehouses: Enhances temperature-controlled storage for small to medium-sized items.
  8. 3PL Providers: Offers efficient management of diverse SKUs and client inventories, improving logistics operations.


Unex’s SpeedCell transforms warehouse operations by maximizing storage density, optimizing space, and streamlining order processes. Its versatility across various industries makes it a crucial solution for businesses looking to improve efficiency and operational effectiveness.

speedcell configurations

Cells: 260 | Columns: 13 | Rows: 3
(Cells: 130 when divider is collapsed)

Cells: 210 | Columns: 21 | Rows: 3

Cells: 126 | Columns: 21 | Rows: 3

Cells: 65 | Columns: 13 | Rows: 3

Cells: 45 | Columns: 9 | Rows: 2

Cells: 28 | Columns: 7 | Rows: 2


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