Pallet Rack Protection Products

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Pallet Rack Protection Products

Rack Systems Inc. and Cogan offer a comprehensive range of pallet rack protection products, designed to shield pallet rack upright posts, aisle ends, and inventory areas from damage. Ideal for preventing collisions with narrow-aisle fork trucks and lift trucks, our protection products are essential for any storage facility seeking to enhance safety and efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable All-Steel Construction: Provides lasting protection with a resilient powder-coated, safety-yellow paint finish for high visibility and durability.
  • Space-Efficient Design: Compact protectors that effectively safeguard your racking without interrupting aisle flow or limiting access to pick areas.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and simple setup without needing to move or disturb existing rack installations, utilizing minimal aisle space.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for any size storage facility, enhancing in-plant traffic guidance, and increasing safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Why Choose Rack Systems Inc. and Cogan

  • Avoid Costly Downtime: Protect your investment from collision damage, ensuring your operations run smoothly without expensive interruptions.
  • Enhanced Workplace Safety: Shield critical rack supports and prevent dangerous pallet spills, keeping workers and property secure.
  • High Visibility and Impact Resistance: Safety-yellow finish maximizes visibility, while the all-steel construction withstands warehouse traffic, offering superior rack protection.

Ideal for Various Warehouse Settings

Whether you’re managing a large distribution center or a compact storage facility, Rack Systems Inc. and Cogan’s pallet rack protection products are essential for maintaining a safe and efficient workspace. From protecting end-of-aisle racks to safeguarding upright posts and guiding in-plant traffic, these solutions offer the ultimate defense against damage, enhancing the overall safety and productivity of your operations.


Invest in the safety and efficiency of your warehouse with Rack Systems Inc. and Cogan’s pallet rack protection products. Designed to fit seamlessly into any storage environment, these protection solutions guard against damage, improve in-plant traffic flow, and reduce the risk of costly downtime and accidents. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive rack protection, ensuring your facility operates at its best.


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