Long-Span Pallet Racking

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Long Span heavy duty Pallet Racking overview:

Rack Systems Inc.’s Long Span Pallet Racking transforms industrial storage, catering to oversized, wide, and heavy loads with unparalleled durability. Utilizing H-Beams for unmatched strength, this system supports spans up to 40 feet, optimizing storage for bulky, awkward, or varied load sizes, including drive-in options for efficient operations.

key Features:

  • Over Dock Storage
  • Extended Spans
  • Custom Engineering
  • Durable Construction

Unlock new storage possibilities and enhance facility space with our custom-engineered Long Span systems, designed to tackle even the most demanding storage needs.

Versatile STORAGE for Large and Bulky Items

Long Span Heavy Duty Storage Racking offers a dynamic solution for storing oversized, heavy, and non-standard shaped items, ensuring easy access and efficient organization. Ideal for diverse applications, this system excels in scenarios requiring adaptable and accessible storage solutions.

Ideal Scenarios for Long Span Heavy Duty Racking:

  1. Oversized and Heavy Items: Perfect for large, bulky products requiring substantial storage space.
  2. High Accessibility Needs: Ensures swift retrieval of large goods, crucial for operational efficiency.
  3. Varied Product Dimensions: Adapts to a range of item sizes, offering flexibility for changing inventory needs.
  4. Organized Inventory: Facilitates precise inventory management, maintaining order within storage facilities.

Optimal Applications:

  1. Warehouses & Distribution Centers: Streamlines storage for bulky goods, simplifying order fulfillment.
  2. Manufacturing Facilities: Organizes oversized materials and components essential for production processes.
  3. Automotive Industry: Stores large automotive parts and components efficiently.
  4. Construction Materials Storage: Ideal for managing bulky construction supplies.
  5. Metal and Steel Warehousing: Accommodates heavy metal bars, pipes, and sheets with ease.
  6. Retail Outlets: Enhances inventory management for stores selling large or bulky items.
  7. Agricultural Storage: Supports storage of large agricultural machinery and supplies.
  8. E-commerce Warehouses: Facilitates organized storage for diverse product ranges in e-commerce operations.


Long Span Heavy Duty Storage Racking by Rack Systems Inc. is the go-to choice for enhancing storage capacity and operational efficiency in warehouses, manufacturing, automotive, construction, retail, agriculture, and e-commerce sectors. By leveraging this versatile solution, businesses can optimize storage for large and bulky goods, ensuring accessibility and organized inventory management. Discover how our Long Span Racking can transform your storage strategy, accommodating your unique needs with custom-engineered precision.


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