(PSR) Pre-start Health and Safety Reviews

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What is a PSR?

PSR stands for Pre-start Safety Review, also referred to as PHSR for Pre-start Health and Safety Review. A PSR is required by law in Ontario (Canada), under Section 7 of Ontario’s Regulation for Industrial Establishments (O. Reg. 851), Clause 45 (b). The review is completed by a certified engineer and comes with a stamped report that confirms the systems are safe. The report will contain recommendations on what to do if the systems are not safe.

When is IT needed?

  • Lost documentation from the original manufacturer on the load capacity and safe operation of the rack – sealed engineering report or LARC drawings
  • The rack has undergone any modifications or reconfiguration
  • There is any damages to any parts of the rack
  • The rack has been repaired
  • The rack has been modified since the previous report

What is included?

  • The design codes, specifications and parameters used to evaluate the condition of the racks
  • Outline all areas of non-compliance with safety standard recommendations
  • Signatures of the inspector, engineer and customer, the date of the inspection, and the report

Who can execute a PSR?

If there is existing documentation on the load capacity of the rack, a person who possesses professional knowledge in assessing the potential hazards related to racks can issue a PSR – however the signature of an engineer is required. If the load capacity of the system must be determined, only a Professional Engineer can do so.

What a psr is not?

A PSR does not include follow-up to confirm correction of deficiencies or operating compliance. The ongoing maintenance of the rack is outside of the scope of the PSR.


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