Cogan Guard Rails

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Cogan Guard Rail overview

Elevate the safety of your warehouse with Rack Systems Inc.’s Cogan Guard Rails, designed to protect both personnel and property effectively. Featuring heavy-duty construction, these guard rails serve as a robust barrier against accidents, directing traffic efficiently and safeguarding critical equipment. Simple to install, our warehouse storage guard rail solutions are an investment in maintaining a safe, productive, and profitable workspace.

Cogan Guard Rail features:

  • Accident Prevention
  • Equipment Protection
  • Heavy-Duty Impact Resistance
  • Versatility

Our comprehensive range includes Heavy-Duty Guardrails, Bollards, Pedestrian Barriers, Wire Mesh Rack Guards, Self-closing Safety Gates, and Floor Angle Guides, catering to a wide array of safety needs.

Importance of Guard Rails in Warehouse Safety

Warehouse safety is paramount in managing an efficient industrial operation. With the simultaneous presence of machinery, staff, and inventory, robust and adaptable safety solutions like Cogan’s guard rails are essential. These protective barriers are designed to minimize risks, enhancing overall safety and operational efficiency.

Optimal Applications

  • High Traffic Areas & Vulnerable Points: Ideal for locations prone to accidents, such as corners, intersections, and loading docks.
  • Asset & Pedestrian Protection: Essential for safeguarding valuable inventory, critical equipment, and ensuring pedestrian safety.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps meet safety requirements, preventing fines and enhancing workplace safety.

Where to Use Cogan Guard Rails

  • Loading Docks & Storage Aisles: Prevent falls and protect inventory in high-activity zones.
  • Machinery Perimeter & Walkways: Secure heavy machinery and create safe pathways for staff and visitors.
  • Mezzanine Edges & Office Spaces: Offer fall protection and separate industrial activities from office areas.
  • Data Centers & Building Corners: Shield IT equipment and warehouse infrastructure from potential impacts.


Cogan Guard Rails by Rack Systems Inc. are an essential component for enhancing warehouse safety, offering a durable solution to protect people, property, and productivity. Whether it’s preventing accidents in high-traffic areas, protecting valuable assets, or ensuring regulatory compliance, these guard rails provide a versatile and reliable safety barrier. Optimize your warehouse’s safety strategy with Cogan Guard Rails, tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern warehousing environments.


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