VNA Pallet Racking (Very Narrow Aisle)

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Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Pallet Racking is a high-density storage solution specifically designed to optimize space utilization in warehouses with limited floor space.VNA racking reduces aisle width to as little as 6.6 feet, increasing floor space by 44% compared to selective pallet racking systems. This system is perfect for environments seeking to maximize both product storage and warehouse footprint efficiently.

Key features:

  • High-Density Storage
  • Optimized Vertical Use
  • 100% Pallet Accessibility
  • Flexible Configuration

Ideal Use Cases:

Space-Constrained Warehouses: Essential for facilities with limited floor space, allowing more pallets to be stored within the same area. VNA racking makes the most of vertical space, providing an efficient solution for space-constrained warehouses.

High-Density Storage Requirements: Ideal for warehouses that need to store a large number of pallets in a compact area. The system’s design maximizes storage capacity, ensuring that every inch of space is utilized effectively.

Efficient Order Picking: Perfect for operations requiring fast and accurate order fulfillment, supported by wire-guided or rail-guided forklift navigation. This ensures quick and precise access to stored items, enhancing operational efficiency.

Optimal Applications:

E-commerce Warehouses: Enhances storage and fulfillment efficiency in urban centers with high product variety. VNA racking supports high SKU counts, making it ideal for e-commerce operations that require rapid and accurate order picking.

Automotive Industry: Streamlines storage of parts and components, organizing a wide range of automotive items in confined spaces. This system helps manage diverse inventories and ensures quick access to necessary parts, improving workflow in automotive warehouses.

Retail Distribution Centers: Maximizes storage space while providing quick access to a broad range of products. VNA racking facilitates efficient inventory management, essential for maintaining stock levels and ensuring timely deliveries in retail distribution.

Pharmaceutical Warehousing: Supports stringent inventory management needs, ensuring FIFO rotation and efficient use of space. The system’s design ensures that pharmaceutical products are stored safely and accessed quickly, maintaining the integrity of sensitive items.

Cold Storage Facilities: Optimizes storage for temperature-sensitive products in environments where space is at a premium. VNA racking ensures efficient use of cold storage areas, preserving valuable floor space and maintaining optimal conditions for stored goods.

3PL Providers: Allows efficient management of diverse inventory, maximizing space utilization for various clients. VNA racking supports the complex storage needs of third-party logistics providers, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in handling different types of inventory.

Manufacturing Plants: Efficiently stores large quantities of raw materials or components, facilitating smooth production processes. This system helps manufacturing plants organize their materials effectively, ensuring that production lines run smoothly and efficiently.


VNA Pallet Racking is a transformative storage solution tailored for warehouses and distribution centers facing challenges with limited floor space, high-density storage needs, and the requirement for efficient space utilization and swift order picking. By adopting VNA racking, businesses can significantly enhance their storage capacity, streamline operations, and optimize inventory management, even in the most space-constrained environments.

Why Choose Rack Systems Inc.?:

Custom Solutions: Rack Systems Inc. offers customizable VNA racking solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Our experts work with you to develop a racking system that maximizes your storage space and improves operational efficiency.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, our VNA racking systems are built to last, providing reliable performance in even the most demanding environments.

Enhanced Safety: Our racking systems are designed with safety in mind, ensuring secure storage and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Discover how Rack Systems Inc.’s VNA Pallet Racking can revolutionize your storage strategy, enabling you to achieve unparalleled efficiency and productivity in your warehousing operations. Invest in our high-density storage solutions to transform your warehouse into a highly efficient, space-optimized facility.


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