Carton Flow

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SpanTrack by UNEX stands as a beacon of innovation in warehouse storage and inventory management. This cutting-edge carton flow storage solution turns static pallet racking into a dynamic, gravity flow system, enhancing the efficiency of pick-and-pack operations. Designed for seamless integration into existing racking systems, SpanTrack is the key to transforming your storage space into a high-efficiency workflow powerhouse.

spantrack carton flow with a roller bed
SpanTrack – Roller Bed
SpantTrack carton flow with roller wheels
SpanTrack – Roller Wheels

Spantrack features:

  • Dynamic Gravity Flow
  • First-In, First-Out (FIFO) Rotation
  • Adaptable Design
  • Durability
  • Efficiency Boost

When to Implement SpanTrack Carton Flow Storage:

  • High-Turnover Inventory: Ideal for fast-moving goods, ensuring swift restocking and retrieval.
  • Space-Constrained Operations: Maximizes storage density, allowing more products in the same footprint.
  • Efficient Order Picking: Significantly enhances pick rates, especially for split-case or piece picking, by reducing travel time.
  • Diverse Inventory Sizes: Easily reconfigurable tracks to accommodate various box sizes, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Optimal Environments for SpanTrack:

  • Distribution Centers: Streamline dispatch processes, meeting the demands of quick turnover and efficient order fulfillment.
  • E-commerce Fulfillment Warehouses: Tailored for the diverse and fast-paced world of online retail, facilitating quick picking of individual orders.
  • Grocery and Supermarket Backrooms: Ensures perishable items are always ready for the sales floor, prioritizing older stock.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Keeps essential parts and components within easy reach, supporting continuous production flow.
  • Cold Storage Facilities: Leverages high-density storage to maximize use of expensive, cooled spaces.
  • Pharmaceutical Storage: Vital for FIFO compliance, minimizing the risk of expired medicine distribution.
  • Retail Replenishment Centers: Keeps fast-moving items ready for dispatch to retail outlets, ensuring shelves are always stocked.
  • Automotive Parts Storage: Organizes a wide range of components, streamlining retrieval for service centers and mechanics.

The SpanTrack Advantage

SpanTrack by UNEX not only optimizes your warehouse space and improves inventory management but also significantly boosts order fulfillment speed and reduces labor costs. Its versatility and ease of integration make it an invaluable addition to any warehouse looking to enhance efficiency and productivity. Whether dealing with perishable goods, fast-paced e-commerce demands, or the need for high-density storage, SpanTrack provides a reliable, innovative solution that addresses the core challenges of modern warehouse management.

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