new age pick carts
New Age Pick Carts

Rack Systems Inc. provides heavy duty aluminum transportation and storage products for the Material Handling and Storage Products industry. We offer ladder carts, standard platform trucks, bulk delivery/transportation carts and trucks, u-boats, picking carts and many other products. We can design any custom product for your facility, without the custom price. We believe you should have the products that meet your needs, affordably. Rack Systems Inc. can manufacture custom carts to suit any pick and pack application.

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boston tec work stations
BostonTec Work Stations

Rack Systems Inc. offers an extensive range of packing and shipping workstations with a full list of accessories to accommodate desired ergonomic conditions. Adjustable packing stations allow users to adjust to their own comfort level, alternate between sitting and standing positions, and adjust to accommodate different users in multi shift operations. Corrugate shelves, under work surface storage shelving, bins and other accessories can be incorporated to fit specific needs. To accommodate a wide variety of products, the workstation system offers a large selection of base frames with either manual or electric height adjustability. These frames can be accessorized with single, double or triple bay uprights to support shelving for packing materials, back screens to post memos and instructions, undersurface storage to provide additional material storage or lockable storage drawers for additional security. The adjacent workstation has all the materials needed for packing and shipping easily stored and accessible in a relatively small space, including the utilization of uprights to hold the bubble wrap in place. If your packing needs require the use of several varying sizes of boxes and packing materials, a trolley can be added to hold your larger shipping containers and bubble wrap.

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machine and warehouse equipment guarding
Partitions & Modular Fencing

Safety, security and protection are just a few things that come standard with a Rack Systems Inc. partition system. RSI partitions have stood the test of time and continue the tradition of superior quality, functional design and structural integrity that has made us an industry leader. Built for maximum durability, our partitions are on the job 24/7 creating practical work or storage space exactly where you need it. The all-steel construction resists wear and requires no maintenance, saving you valuable time and money. Whether you choose from our standard options or prefer a custom configuration for corner, three-sided or fully-enclosed installations, our experienced staff will make sure you get what’s best for you.

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Modular Offices

Our popular "Quick-Ship" program capitalizes on our integrated modular system design and interchangeability of parts which allows us to ship 80% of our in-plant office orders within 5 days of order approval. From 8x8 to 20x40, offer 30 different sizes which can be delivered within one week of an order. Our integrated modular systems design and interchangeability of parts enables us to ship 80% of our standard offices within 5 days of an order. See below for information on qualifying for this program.

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industrial storage locker

Infinitely adaptable for everyday use, Rack Systems wire mesh lockers are the durable, practical and multi-purpose solution for converting any space into a secure storage area. All of our storage lockers boast a heavy-duty wire mesh construction that is wear-resistant and requires no maintenance. Easy assembly with simple hand tools significantly reduces installation costs, saving you time and money. When compared to dry wall, wood and other products, the open wire mesh design is the only system that ensures your property is in constant view, while allowing air to circulate and light to penetrate fully. Your valuables remain safe, in sight and in top condition.

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lift tables and stackers
Lift Tables and Stackers

Rack Systems Inc. offers an unmatched selection of lift table styles, configurations and capacities. In addition to our standard product offering we routinely create custom and modified units to suit special requirements.

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roll out pallet racks
Roll Out Cantilever Rack

Storing iron bars, piping and crude materials and picking them in a safe and efficient matter is quite a challenge. Often, most of these items will be stored on the ground and workers will have to go through a pile to get the material they need. To increase the level of safety and efficiency in your work space with a proper inventory control, we offer you the Roll Out Cantilever Rack. The Roll Out Cantilever Racks allows you to store long materials inside a drawer system. With these racks, you will not only be able to free up to 50% of your floor space, but your employees will no longer have to find material by digging through dangerous piles. In the end, this greatly increases safety and time optimization. The drawers completely open, allowing you full access to your materials and facilitating handling with a hoist. Commonly known as bar rack or pipe racks, the Roll Out Cantilever Rack’s drawer system is adjustable every 3”, allowing you to change your setup according to your needs. You ensure yourself better control of your inventory by utilizing the drawer dividers or the full drawers for short or flexible material. After introducing the Roll Out Cantilever Rack to your workspace, your operations will become more profitable and safer.

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carton flow racking
Carton Flow

Carton flow racking provides excellent storage density combined with picking efficiency. No power source is required, and because frontage per item is greatly reduced, restocking and picking can be done much faster. In fact, one person can do the work of three or four. A gravity carton flow system may cost a little more than conventional shelving but it cuts labor costs drastically.

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