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Pallet racking systems are the primary storage component of many distribution centers and warehouse storage facilities. A well designed industrial pallet racking solution is easily accessible and reduces the overall cost of handling product. A Rack Systems Inc. solution will increase storage density without compromising selectivity or efficiency.

Because of its versatility and range of configurations available, our pallet racking solutions are well suited to a variety of warehousing environments, ranging from small facilities to large multi-level pick systems.

Pallet Racking Profiles

Pallet rack system come in 3 basic profiles:

  • roll-formed – by far the most common type of pallet rack profile, it is the industry standard and comes in many profiles including Redirack, which outsells all other brands in Canada
  • structural – hot-rolled structural steel rack provides much greater quality and strength for long-term return on investment over roll-formed rack
  • bolted – has advantages over roll-formed pallet rack which you can read here 5 Advantages of Bolted Upright Pallet Racking

Rack Systems Inc. designs, supplies, and installs high density pallet racking systems in Toronto, Mississauga, and throughout Southern Ontario.

Pallet Racking Systems

High Density Pallet Racking Systems include:

Rack Systems Inc. will analyze your needs and requirements to determine the 100% correct Pallet Racking system for your facility.

Selective Pallet Racking

Rack Systems Inc. Selective Pallet Racking is the most widely used storage system for fast moving palletized loads. It offers direct access to all pallets with great load flexibility. It has the advantage of allowing storage or retrieval of each pallet without moving others, as every pallet is individually accessible. Selective Pallet Rack systems provide a range of flexibility for any heavy-duty material handling and product storage needs. The wide selection of components allow for an array of sizes and pallets types. Product pallets are accessed individually maximizing available space yet minimizing product damage.

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Long Span Pallet Racking

Rack Systems Inc. Long Span Pallet Racking takes industrial storage to a new level. Long span pallet rack is engineered for large, wide, heavy loads and clear spans. Long Span Pallet Racking is designed to meet applications that exceed the capabilities of standard pallet racking. Long-Span Racking derives its superior strength and flexibility from the use H-Beams instead of roll-formed steel. The result is an ultra-resilient racking system that can achieve up to 40’ spans without the loss of load capacity. Store oversized, bulky, awkwardly-shaped and even small loads with ease. Accommodate extra-wide pallets or drive-in storage for quick and safe loading.

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Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drive-In Pallet Racking, also referred to as Drive-Through pallet racking, is a unique storage solution. Pallets are densely stored in lanes several positions deep, and lift equipment actually enters the industrial pallet racks structure in order to store and retrieve. Drive-In pallet rack is ideally suited to operations where a large quantity of relatively few products is stored. Drive-In pallet rack can be designed specifically for your needs in varying heights and depths and with a wide variety of components and accessories. A Drive-In pallet storage rack contains a common entry and exit point for each storage bay.

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Pushback Pallet Racking

Pushback pallet racking is suitable for warehouse facilities that are looking for a high density storage system. Pushback pallet racking is an excellent choice for both ambient and freezer storage warehouses. Pallets are stored in lanes and rest on a carts-on-rails system. Working from a single aisle, pallets are stored by “pushing back” previously placed pallets with a new pallet on the next cart position. When the front pallet is retrieved, gravity causes the next pallet to move forward into a retrieval ready position. This “last-in, first-out” system (per lane) reduces picking time when a large number of picking faces are required. Rack Systems Inc. Pushback pallet racking systems can store from 2 to 7 pallets deep.

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Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet Flow Rack is an ideal solution if you need to increase the number of pallet positions and keep the ability to rotate stock; a first in, first out high density storage system. Pallet flow works like a conveyor system within the rack. Pallets are loaded at the charge or input end and then flow down inclined rollers to the pick faces. Available up to twenty-plus pallet positions deep, a pallet flow system dramatically increases your storage capacity. Pallet flow racking is ideal for freezer warehouses, food distribution or for storage of high-volume customer goods. Pallet flow racking is also good for holding warehouses and dispatch areas where pallets need to be removed quickly. Additionally, the system helps to keep employees at a safe distance from the forklifts that are replenishing the racks at the input end.

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Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack (VNA)

In a Very Narrow Aisle pallet racking system, pallet racks are placed closer together than other pallet racking solutions because they are loaded and unloaded using a side loading fork lift truck; enabling aisles to be narrow and ensuring that storage space is used efficiently. The amount of product stored and warehouse footprint is maximized. VNA aisles are typically 6.6 feet wide, providing 44% more floor space than a selective pallet rack system.

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Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking increases storage efficiency by improving pallet storage density. By placing a second row of Selective Pallet Rack immediately behind the first row, we create Double Deep Pallet Rack; this eliminates the need for an aisle between two storage racks and increases storage by up to 25%. Double deep pallet rack systems require deep reach lift trucks. As each pick slot has a front and a back pallet, a deep reach attachment is added to the lift truck. From the aisle, the lift truck accesses the front pallet and with the use of the reach attachment, the back pallet too. Last In First Out (LIFO) inventory is accommodated by placing the last pallet in the front slot so it is the first to be picked.

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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a storage solution that has load-bearing arms anchored by a large column at one end or in the center. Unlike most rack systems, this leaves the picking face unimpeded by structural elements. In addition to being able to store awkwardly shaped loads of various lengths, it can be adjusted quickly and easily for varying heights as well. Add the ability to select from single or double-sided storage and accessories such as decking and the result is truly versatile storage.

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Pallet Runner

PALLET RUNNER® is a semi-automated deep lane storage system. Especially suited to applications with high volume SKUs, PALLET RUNNER® has proven to be an ideal choice for companies worldwide for over 10 years. Pallets are loaded into the system by lift truck and transported into deep lanes by the PALLET RUNNER® cart. Once the load is positioned the cart returns to the front of the system to receive the next pallet. With the cart doing the deep lane transport the lift truck operator travels only between load source and lane entry, maximizing productivity and minimizing travel distance. The process of unloading realizes the same efficiency. The PALLET RUNNER® cart carries loads out of the system while an operator moves between the lane and the shipping dock or other destinations.

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roll out pallet storage
Roll Out Pallet Storage

Roll Out Pallet Storage enables easy accessibility to product stored on pallets. Hand picking product from the first levels of a pallet racking system can be quite difficult; increasing the chance of injury and accidents, while reducing picking efficiency. Roll Out Pallet responds to this picking problem by increasing picking speed. In addition, Roll Out Pallet optimizes space and safety. Roll Out Pallet offers easy access to your product and facilitates the picking process and management of inventory. Roll Out Pallet units are extremely durable for your warehouse storage and product picking requirements.

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