Pallet Runner

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PALLET RUNNER is a semi-automated deep lane storage system. Pallet Runner is especially suited to applications with high volume SKUs, PALLET RUNNER® has proven to be an ideal choice for companies worldwide for over 10 years.

Pallets are loaded into the system by lift truck and transported into deep lanes by the PALLET RUNNER cart. Once the load is positioned the cart returns to the front of the system to receive the next pallet. With the cart doing the deep lane transport the lift truck operator travels only between load source and lane entry, maximizing productivity and minimizing travel distance.

The process of unloading realizes the same efficiency. The PALLET RUNNER cart carries loads out of the system while an operator moves between the lane and the shipping dock or other destinations.

Extremely robust, the carts are available in different sizes to suit a wide variety of pallet designs. PALLET RUNNER can be set up for FIFO or LIFO applications in both ambient and freezer environments. Value added options let us tailor PALLET RUNNER to suit your specific needs.

PALLET RUNNER is a proven platform brought to you by AUTOMHA, the world leader in cart based automation. If you want to maximize storage and occupancy in your facility while simultaneously reducing your overhead, this system may be the perfect choice.

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Loading/Unloading from same bay

Continuous Loading Plus: Pallet Runner Cart (PRC) continuously loads pallets into the lane as long as there is a pallet to load. This function will continue until the lane is full, operation is stopped by operator or the additional pallet is not in the load position after 20 seconds of the PRC arriving.

Unloading Plus

Continuous Unloading Plus: Unloading plus enables the operator to select a single command once and have pallets move to the front position continuously until the lane is empty or the operator stops the command. If the “Home” position is occupied when the PRC arrives with the next pallet the PRC will wait behind the first pallet until it is removed; at which time it will deposit the next pallet and continue unloading. This all happens without operator intervention, other than the initial selection of the command.


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