Modular Offices

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Integrated Modular Offices overview

Our popular “Quick-Ship” program capitalizes on our integrated modular system design and interchangeability of parts which allows us to ship 80% of our in-plant office orders within 5 days of order approval. From 8×8 to 20×40, offer 30 different sizes which can be delivered within one week of an order. Our integrated modular systems design and interchangeability of parts enables us to ship 80% of our standard offices within 5 days of an order. “Quick-Ship” units come as two, three, or four wall buildings created from your selection of either the OmniFlex Plus steel or Series 300 aluminum stud framing systems.

Integrated Modular Office features:

  • Quick Installation
  • Flexibility
  • Integrated Electrical & HVAC
  • Durability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Customizable
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Space Efficiency
  • Galvanized floor track
  • Vinyl base on interior and exterior

Modular Mastery: Revolutionizing Warehouse Spaces with Sleek Office Solutions:

Warehouse operations have become increasingly complex with the rise in demand for efficient supply chains, e-commerce, and global logistics. The need for dedicated office spaces within these environments has grown, prompting the evolution of modular office solutions. Understanding when and where to use these modular offices can drastically elevate the functionality and efficiency of warehouse operations.

When to Use Warehouse Modular Offices:

  1. Rapid Expansion: Traditional construction is time-consuming. If a warehouse requires immediate expansion or an added office space, modular solutions offer swift installation with minimal disruptions.
  2. Budgetary Concerns: Modular offices often come at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. For businesses operating within tight budget constraints, these provide an economical yet efficient option.
  3. Flexibility and Scalability: Warehouses might undergo operational changes that necessitate spatial reconfiguration. Modular offices can be easily dismantled, expanded, or rearranged to accommodate these shifts.
  4. Controlled Environments: In scenarios where there’s a need for temperature-controlled or clean rooms, modular office solutions can cater to these specific requirements with integrated HVAC or specialized materials.
  5. Temporary Requirements: For warehouses undergoing transitional phases or accommodating short-term projects, modular offices provide a temporary yet fully functional solution.

Where to Use Warehouse Modular Offices:

  1. Central Command Centers: Large warehouses benefit from a centralized location from which operations are monitored and managed. Modular offices can serve as these hubs, providing an elevated view of the entire floor, ensuring seamless workflow supervision.
  2. Meeting and Training Rooms: Training new staff or conducting team meetings is integral to warehouse operations. Instead of allocating separate buildings or spaces outside the warehouse, modular offices can be set up within the warehouse itself, ensuring resources and personnel remain close to the action.
  3. Quality Control Labs: Warehouses dealing with sensitive goods, like electronics or pharmaceuticals, often require quality control labs. Modular solutions can create dedicated, controlled spaces for testing and validation without the need for external facilities.
  4. Break and Recreational Areas: Employee well-being is crucial for productivity. Modular offices can be used to create rest areas, cafeterias, or recreational zones for staff to relax and rejuvenate.
  5. Security and Surveillance Rooms: Security is paramount in warehouses, especially those storing valuable goods. A dedicated modular office can house surveillance equipment and security personnel, ensuring constant monitoring and rapid response to any discrepancies.
  6. Administrative and Clerical Work: Warehouses require a significant amount of administrative work, from inventory management to dispatch scheduling. Modular offices offer secluded spaces away from the hustle and bustle of the main floor, ensuring these tasks are carried out efficiently.
  7. Customer Service and Support Centers: For businesses that handle customer interactions directly from their warehouses, like e-commerce setups, modular offices can serve as dedicated customer support hubs.
  8. Product Display and Showrooms: Warehouses that double up as product display areas or showrooms for B2B clients can utilize modular offices to create elegant, separated spaces that showcase products effectively.


In conclusion, the dynamic nature of modern warehouse operations necessitates flexible and efficient solutions. Modular office systems cater to this need brilliantly. These solutions offer a blend of functionality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, making them invaluable assets in various scenarios and settings within a warehouse environment. By pinpointing the right moments and locations for their implementation, businesses can harness the full potential of their warehouse spaces, ensuring operations run smoothly and productivity remains high.


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