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Industrial and Warehouse Shelving Introduction

industrial-shelving-porscheIndustrial shelving, sometimes called warehouse shelving, comes in a multitude of varieties and styles. From basic units to complex configurations with modular drawers and bin dividers, industrial shelving provides storage solutions for everything fromindustrial shelving general office storage to integrated multi-tier warehouse mezzanines.

Engineered to provide safe, economical storage space of virtually any type of hand loaded material, basic steel shelving units are configured from posts, shelves and compression clips. These basic shelving systems can be enhanced with bins, boxes, dividers and drawers to maximize available space and create efficient storage solutions.

  • Have hand loaded equipment or records?
  • Need an economical solution?
  • Want a choice of colors and styles?
  • Need a solution that’s easily expanded?
  • Want a flexible system for future changes?

Whether you are looking for mobile shelving, wide span shelving, or another type of heavy duty shelving, Rack Systems Inc. has a solution that meets your storage needs for nearly any kind of product or weight capacity. We offer a wide range of heavy duty shelving in both bolted and bolt-less designs so you can select the right system for your unique storage requirements. Industrial shelving systems are easy to install, and can be easily adjusted to accommodate additional storage room in the future if required. Our products also integrate easily with other storage solutions to create a complete warehouse shelving system.

Industrial Shelving Components




















  1. Shims Elevate posts when flooring is not level
  2. Base Plates – Close off the bottom of the unit to stop things from rolling under
  3. Foot Plates – Anchor the shelving system onto the floor
  4. Shelf Boxes – Hold small items onto shelves. Various sizes available
  5. Bin Fronts – Stop small items from falling off the front of the shelf. Various sizes available
  6. Hanging Bars – Allow items to be suspended in the unit. Available in 36”, 42” and 48” widths
  7. Sliding Dividers – Mobile dividers that attach to the bottom of the shelf. Maximal adjustability by sliding horizontally across the shelf. Available in 6” and 8” heights
  8. Dividers – Create compartments on the shelf. Rolled front for a smooth edge. Attached with divider clips or flathead nuts and bolts. Available in the following sizes:
    4” – 24” in Height
    12” – 32” in Depth
  9. Label Holders – Allow users to insert labels for easier identification of shelf contents
  10. Swinging Doors – Close the front of a unit with a locking mechanism and flush handle. Sets are available in the following sizes:
    36” x 3’4”, 6’4”, or 7’4”
    48” x 3’4”, 6’4”, or 7’4”

Rack Systems Inc. is a proud distributor of Metalware.

Metalware – A Day in the Life from Metalware corp on Vimeo.

Metalware Modular Drawers

Rack Systems Inc. modular drawers in shelving will save up to 70% of space in your part storage area. Fits into your existing Metalware shelving and storage systems, These drawers for shelves offer industry leading 450 lb capacity per drawer, Swiss-made sliding system on Delrin with Safety Lock for maintenance free, reliable and quiet performance, Full Height Drawer sidewalls preventing content from mixing and maximizing available space, 18 gauge drawer face with rolled-edge for extreme rigidity. 100% opening, partitions and dividers, unique powder coating.

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Boltless Shelving

Among the most rigid in the industry, Rack Systems Inc. commercial and industrial shelving is produced in either 18 gauge or 20 gauge cold-rolled steel. Shelves are made with double bends or box style front and back edges, complete with closed corners. The uprights are made of 16 gauge hot-rolled steel and are pre-punched, roll-formed, welded and cut to length.

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wide span industrial shelving
Wide Span Industrial Shelving

Wide Span Shelving (sometimes known as Heavy Duty Shelving or Baby Rack) is strong, affordable and extremely versatile. It’s ideal for an almost unlimited range of applications; from garage shelving to record storage to retail display shelving and warehouse applications. Metalware Wide Span Shelving is also great for hand stack operations where heavy capacity pallet racking isn’t required.

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Steel Shelving Mezzanine

A steel shelving mezzanine or shelving catwalk system is designed to meet and exceed your need for additional storage by maximizing the use of existing floor space in your warehouse storage facility.

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