Industrial & Warehouse Shelving

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Introduction to Industrial and Warehouse Shelving Solutions

Industrial shelving, also known as warehouse shelving, offers a wide range of storage solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. These shelving units are designed for versatility, supporting everything from simple record storage to complex e-commerce pick and ship operations, and can even accommodate integrated multi-tier warehouse mezzanines.

Key Features of Industrial Shelving:

  • Variety of Styles: Choose from basic units to advanced configurations featuring modular drawers and bin dividers.
  • Engineered for Safety and Economy: Optimal for storing virtually any type of hand-loaded material.
  • Customizable: Basic steel shelving units consist of posts, shelves, and compression clips, which can be customized with additional bins, boxes, dividers, and drawers to maximize space efficiency and organization.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your warehouse operations or enhance your e-commerce logistics, our industrial shelving systems provide the flexible and economical solutions you need to optimize your storage space effectively.

  • More economic than pallet racking
  • Have hand loaded products or records?
  • Need an economical solution?
  • Want a choice of colors and styles?
  • Need a solution that’s easily scalable?
  • Want a flexible system for future changes?

Whether you are looking for standard boltless shelving, wide span shelving, or another type of heavy duty shelving, Rack Systems Inc. has a solution that meets your storage needs for nearly any kind of product or weight capacity. We offer a wide range of heavy duty shelving in both bolted and bolt-less designs so you can select the right system for your unique storage requirements. Industrial shelving systems are easy to install, and can be easily adjusted to accommodate additional storage room in the future if required. Our products also integrate easily with other storage solutions to create a complete warehouse shelving system.

Boltless Adjustable Industrial Shelving

A Durable and Flexible Solution Rack Systems Inc. introduces its top-tier, boltless adjustable industrial shelving, crafted from either 18 or 20 gauge cold-rolled steel for unparalleled durability and rigidity. Featuring double bends or box-style front and back edges with closed corners, and 16 gauge hot-rolled steel uprights that are pre-punched, roll-formed, welded, and cut to […]

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Metalware Modular Drawers

Integrated Modular Drawers overview Save more space while maximizing storage capacity, and ease of access. This drawer system answers a wide range of storage needs while occupying a smaller footprint. Made of superior 18 GA steel and built to last. These heavy-duty welded modular drawers can easily hold up to a total of 450 lbs […]

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Multi-Level storage shelving

Maximizing Your Warehouse Efficiency Unlock the potential of your warehouse space with our advanced multi-level shelving systems. Designed to surpass your expectations for additional storage, our systems ingeniously maximize your existing floor space. By integrating our innovative floor and cross aisle channels into your setup, you can elevate your storage capacity without the need for […]

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speedcell and pallet racking
SpeedCell High-Density Shelving

Speedcell shelving overview Maximize warehouse efficiency with Unex’s SpeedCell, a high-density shelving solution designed to enhance space utilization and order accuracy. Available in six sizes, with or without racking, SpeedCell is ideal for warehouses aiming to improve storage and pick speed. Rack Systems Inc., a premium Unex distributor, offers easy-to-assemble, pre-configured SpeedCell bays. Speedcell High-Density […]

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wide span industrial shelving
Wide Span Industrial Shelving

Wide Span Industrial Shelving Overview Maximize your storage space with Wide Span Industrial Shelving, the perfect blend of strength, affordability, and versatility. Ideal for a range of applications from garage shelving, record storage, to retail displays and warehouse needs, Wide Span Shelving caters to hand stack operations and lighter-duty pallet racking requirements. Its easy assembly […]

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