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Safety Bars are an integral component for a safe pallet rack storage system. Safety Bars prevent misplaced pallets from accidentally falling through the horizontal beams in a racking system. Safety Bars are also sometimes referred to as Cross Bars, Skid Supports and Pallet Bar Supports.

We offer three types of safety bars for our roll formed pallet racking:

Cup style safety bar
Cup style safety bars connect with box beams.  They are available with 1.5’’ and 2.0’’ wide cups to fit appropriate beam.  Safety bars must be connected with teck screws using the holes provided on both sides of the cups.

Clip-on style safety bar
Clip-on safety bars are available in heights of 1 5/8’’, and fit into Cresswell’s step beams only. No hardware is required, and a lock prevents the safety bars from popping out.

Universal type safety bar
Universal type pre-galvanized safety bars are the most versatile; they can fit on both box beams and step beams.  They must be connected with teck screws using the hole provided on the cups.   2 teck screws per safety bars are included.