Safety Bars

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Safety Bars, also known as Cross Bars, Skid Supports, and Pallet Bar Supports, are crucial for maintaining a secure pallet rack storage system. Rack Systems Inc. provides a robust selection of safety bars designed to prevent pallets from accidentally falling through horizontal beams, enhancing operational safety, and preventing product loss and employee injuries.

key features:

  • Operational Safety Improvement
  • Prevent needless product loss
  • Prevent employee injury
  • Prevent pallets from falling

Our safety bars are available in various types to suit roll-formed pallet racking systems, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

When to Use Pallet Rack Safety Bars

  • Load Stability: Essential for unevenly distributed or unstable items, providing necessary support.
  • Mixed Storage Needs: Ideal for racks holding both palletized and non-palletized goods, offering flexibility.
  • High-Level Storage: Crucial for higher storage levels to mitigate fall consequences.
  • Frequent Human Interaction: Provides additional security where staff regularly access pallet racks.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Assists in meeting safety regulations across various industries.

Ideal Applications

  • General Warehousing: A standard safety component for diverse goods storage.
  • Retail Backrooms: Helps organize and secure overstock, particularly during peak seasons.
  • Manufacturing and Food Storage: Stabilizes raw materials, semi-finished goods, and quickly moving food items.
  • Chemical and Automotive Parts Storage: Adds an extra layer of protection for hazardous materials and heavy automotive components.
  • Distribution Centers & Construction Sites: Streamlines operations and enhances safety in active environments.


Rack Systems Inc.’s Safety Bars are an indispensable part of a comprehensive warehouse safety strategy, offering a simple yet effective solution to enhance stability and prevent accidents. Whether for general warehousing, retail backrooms, or specialized storage like food and chemicals, our safety bars provide the adaptability, ease of installation, and robust protection needed to maintain a safe, efficient working environment. Invest in Rack Systems Inc.’s safety bars to safeguard your personnel, products, and equipment, ensuring peace of mind in your storage operations.


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