Cantilever Racking

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Cantilever Racking Overview:

Optimize your storage with Cantilever Racking, the ultimate solution for long, bulky, or awkwardly shaped items. Unimpeded by structural elements, this system provides easy access to products of varying sizes, ensuring high visibility and adaptability. Available in light, medium, and heavy-duty options, Cantilever Racking can be customized with a roof for outdoor storage, making it perfect for items like lumber, furniture, sheet metal, and more.

Cantilever Racking features:

  • Durable structural steel for longevity and impact resistance
  • Versatile arm lengths and capacities
  • Vertical adjustability for optimal space use
  • Straight or angled arms for different storage needs
  • Quick, easy installation and adaptability for business growth
  • High-quality powder coat finish

Ideal for Storing:

  • Furniture and appliances
  • Flooring and lumber
  • Sheet metal and tubing
  • Textiles and piping

When to Use Cantilever Racking:

  • Storing long and bulky items like lumber or pipes
  • Accommodating a variety of product lengths and shapes
  • Maximizing high-density storage and vertical space
  • Needing selective accessibility to individual items

Where to Use Cantilever Racking:

  • Lumber yards and building materials stores
  • Metal and steel warehouses
  • Furniture storage and auto parts storage
  • Warehouses, distribution centers, and retail environments
  • Lumber and timber processing facilities
  • 3PL providers for diverse product management

Cantilever Racking is your go-to for efficient, organized storage of challenging items across various industries, from construction to retail. Optimize your storage space and improve organization with this versatile, practical solution.


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