Light Duty Storage Rack

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Light Duty Storage Rack (bAby Rack) Overview:

Light Duty Storage Racking, designed for lightweight loads and cartons, is the perfect solution for backroom retail storage, offering a variety of configurations compatible with Redirack systems. Ideal for businesses seeking easy access to products, Light Duty Storage enhances warehouse functionality by providing a streamlined approach to small goods storage.

Light Duty Storage Rack (bAby Rack) Features:

  • Small Goods Storage
  • High Accessibility
  • Precise Inventory Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Compact Design

When and Where to Use Light Storage Pallet Racks

  1. Ideal for Small and Compact Items: Light Duty Racks are best suited for efficiently storing items too small for traditional pallet racking, enhancing organization and accessibility.
  2. Retail Environments: Perfect for organizing consumer products like electronics, apparel, and cosmetics, maintaining organized storage areas.
  3. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Facilities: Utilizes precision and accessibility to store medications and medical supplies.
  4. Electronic Components and Small Parts Manufacturing: Streamlines storage for electronic parts, screws, fasteners, and hardware components.
  5. Automotive Parts Warehousing: Optimizes organization and retrieval of smaller auto components.
  6. Craft and Hobby Stores & Hardware and Tool Storage: Facilitates efficient organization of crafting materials and small tools.
  7. Distribution Centers for Small Goods: Ideal for e-commerce and fulfillment operations focusing on small goods storage.


Light Duty Pallet Racks, or Baby Racks, offer a flexible and efficient solution for storing small, compact items. By leveraging these racks, businesses can enhance storage capacity, improve accessibility, and accommodate diverse storage needs, making them an invaluable tool for optimizing small goods storage. Rack Systems Inc. is committed to analyzing your needs to recommend the perfect pallet racking solution, ensuring your facility operates at its best.

For heavier load requirements, explore our extensive range of pallet racking products, tailored to meet every storage challenge;

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