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Versatile and high-capacity cantilever racking for long, irregular shaped, and bulky items

Cantilever racking is a storage solution that has load-bearing arms anchored by a large column at one end or in the center. Unlike most rack systems, this leaves the picking face unimpeded by structural elements.outdoor cantilever racking  Cantilever Rack is ideal for:

  • long or bulky items
  • furniture and appliances
  • flooring
  • lumber
  • tubing
  • textiles
  • piping

In addition to being able to store awkwardly shaped loads of various lengths, it can be adjusted quickly and easily for varying heights as well.  Add the ability to select from single or double-sided storage and accessories such as decking and the result is truly versatile storage.

  • Need to store long, bulky or awkwardly shaped loads
  • Require unobstructed access to your products
  • Want to store loads of differing sizes in the same system
  • Need high visibility of stored products

Cantilever rack is available in light, medium and heavy duty systems and is highly adaptable, and can even include a roof option for out-of-doors storage.  A cantilever rack system must be carefully designed to meet your needs and protect your product and facility.

Key Benefits of Cantilever Racking:

  • Durable structural steel components ensure long life and impact resistance
  • A wide range of arm lengths and load capacities are available
  • vertical adjust ability on 3 or 4-inch increments along entire upright column height
  • Straight or angled arm options
  • Easy, fast, durable installation
  • Adaptability as your business grows or changes
  • Quality powder coat paint finish.