Roll Formed Pallet Racking


Roll Formed Pallet Racking

Roll Formed Pallet Rack is generally recommended for retail stores, commercial, and/or industrial warehouses storing lighter weight products with less fork truck interaction. This is because the roll-formed rack components rely on shape for strength and do not offer any extra capacity in the event of over loading or impact. Roll-formed Pallet Racking is a good choice for facilities storing seasonal products or many different product SKUs with varying sizes, as it provides great adaptability to deal with any beam reconfiguration necessary to handle any new product and/or pallet sizes.

Cost-effective: Cold roll-formed rack is less expensive than Structural Steel Rack, and this lower cost provides a more up-front return on investment, while still providing the strength necessary for most applications. However, Roll-Formed Rack is prone to costly replacements due to more susceptible damage from fork trucks over time.

Boltless: Roll-formed beam pin connectors and safety locking mechanism provides an automatic engagement when the beam drops firmly into place on the roll-formed upright column.  Roll-formed beams can be installed slightly faster than structural beams, plus there is nothing to forget or misplace, as no bolts or loose parts are required.

Adaptable: Easy to assemble Roll-formed Rack is more adaptable to handle any beam reconfiguration that may arise to accommodate varying product or pallet dimensions. Due to roll-formed beam boltless connectors, beams can be moved much quicker than structural beams, which require more time and labor to unbolt and re-bolt. Roll-formed Rack generally has a teardrop style, which in most cases is interchangeable among different manufacturers.

Quick Ship Availability: Most common roll-formed sizes are stocked and available for immediate shipment.

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