Roll Out Pallet Shelves Speed Up Production

Roll Out Racks, or roll out pallet shelves, respond to your requirements by increasing execution speed all the while optimizing space and safety. Your inventory is a crucial element in the production process, and its importance is paramount.

Roll Out Pallet Shelves are designed to store raw material and small parts. They are made of thick gauge steel and heavy-duty rollers. As a result, Roll Out Pallet Shelves are extremely durable, withstand the harshest environments, and deliver easy access to materials, greatly facilitating material gathering and inventory management.

There are two models of Roll Out Pallet Racks:

  • Roll Out Pallets Rack Mounted
  • Roll Out Pallets Floor Mounted


Roll Out Pallets Rack Mounted

Capacity: 1000 LBS UDL

The following illustration shows how to retrofit an existing pallet storage bay with rack mounted roll out pallet storage:

Installation of roll out pallets shelves is easy and does not require any expert knowledge or tools. It is a modular design with many sizes and surface options. The bearings are all enclosed for smooth operation. The shelves are lightweight for ease of installation and reduced impact on the pallet racking structure. Installing the shelves reduces strain on manual picking and speeds up the production process.

Roll Out Pallets Floor Mounted

Capacity: 3000 LBS UDL

Hand picking is now made easier with the Roll Out Pallet installed directly on the floor and sliding the material out of the rack. Safe and efficient, they roll on tracks installed on the floor so no one can take them out of the place. Made out of thick steel and heavy duty rollers, they withstand the harshest environments.

The standard brake system securely holds the Roll Out Pallet in place when the lift truck is loading it. No more dangerous handling. Additionally, since you no longer need to crawl under to access your material, you can gain the extra space by lowering first level of beams.


In summary, Roll Out Pallet Shelves keep your employees safe and speeds up your production process. For more information, please contact us.

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