Structural Pallet Racking

Elevate Your Storage with Robust Structural Pallet Racking

Rack Systems Inc. specializes in Structural Pallet Racking, the ultimate solution for fast-paced, high-volume warehouses, including cold storage, food distribution, and beverage facilities. Designed to withstand significant impacts and heavy loads, our Structural Racks are engineered for durability, strength, and versatility, catering to a wide array of storage needs.

Key Features of Structural Pallet Racking:

  • Enhanced Durability: Made from hot-rolled structural steel, these racks offer superior quality and strength, ensuring a long-term investment that pays dividends in demanding environments.
  • Optimized Protection: Options like bull-nose deflectors and column doublers enhance protection against forklift damage, extending system longevity.
  • High Load Capacity: Structural Channel Beams and beam ties prevent spreading under heavy loads, accommodating higher load capacities efficiently.
  • Rigidity and Stability: Fully bolted connections provide a more rigid structure, maintaining stability under dynamic warehouse conditions.
  • Versatile Configurations: Tailored to meet specific storage needs, our racks support selective, drive-in, pushback, and pallet flow applications, among others.

Why Choose Structural Pallet Racking?

  • Unmatched Strength: Built to endure the rigors of high-traffic warehouses, structural racking ensures your operation runs smoothly without interruption.
  • Longevity in Harsh Conditions: Precision manufacturing and robust design withstand harsh conditions, heavy loads, and rapid turnover, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Adaptability for Growth: Our versatile racking solutions easily adapt to changing storage requirements, supporting your warehouse as it grows and evolves.
  • Investment in Efficiency: Opting for structural racking is an investment in operational efficiency, minimizing damage and downtime while maximizing storage space and accessibility.

Transform Your Warehouse with Rack Systems Inc.

Elevate your warehouse’s efficiency and safety with Structural Pallet Racking from Rack Systems Inc. Our expert team is ready to design and implement a racking solution that fits your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and return on investment. Contact us today to explore how our structural racking solutions can revolutionize your storage capabilities.


Rack Systems Inc. will visit your warehouse facility to provide a storage needs assessment and consultation.