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Paul Haggett September 26, 2018

cantilever-racking-05Cantilever racks are the perfect storage system for storing materials and product that are unusual in size, dimension and difficult to store in conventional storage products such as pallet racking and industrial shelving. Cantilever racking is ideal for for longer, unusual sized products. In some cases, industrial shelving and even pallet racking is not a suitable storage medium for such unusually sized product such as:

  • long bars and rounds
  • angle iron and channels
  • lumber
  • pvc and metal piping
  • sheet metal

and even appliances and flooring. Following are a few ways Cantilever racking can help improve your storage of irregular sized products.

When Industrial Shelving Does Not Work

The adaptable and flexible engineering design of cantilever racking allows for the storage of longer and irregular sized products such as long bars, angle iron, lumber, pvc and metal piping, and even packaged appliances and furniture. These types of product have been extremely cumbersome to store using more traditional methods of industrial shelving cantilever-racking-03and pallet rack systems. Cantilever racking offers an open design that allows fork lift trucks to easily access the product. The considerable length of cantilever racks is ideal for any long and thin shaped product. It also accommodates those larger packaged product that need to be kept off the warehouse floor.

Easy Access and Reconfiguration flexibility

Cantilever racking design is comprised of two basic components; uprights and arms. The combination and configurations of these two components provides an “open” storage design which allows for much easier access to products with forklifts. Cantilever arms can be adjusted to provide a custom fit for product storage. It can be arranged in either single or double-sided cantilever racking, either back to back forming aisles or placed against a wall. These utilize a common center column with arms providing the actual shelf levels for storing product.

Save Money and Time

cantilever-rackingCantilever racking is easy to install and reconfigure to meet your storage requirements. This design allows for easier product storage and material handling, enabling workers to move product quickly and load on the rack far more easily than with other types of product storage racking  or shelving. Cantilever racking reduces product handling times,  improving productivity as stock is far more accessible than traditional storage methods.

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