Roof Guard

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Roof Guard

The Roof Guard Classic guardrail system by Rack Systems Inc. is a pioneering solution designed to prevent rooftop falls without penetrating the roof surface. Engineered for simplicity and ease of assembly, this rooftop guardrail can be swiftly installed on most rooftops, offering unparalleled safety for workers at heights. The modular design of Roof Guard ensures a hassle-free installation process, free from welding, drilling, or bolting, preserving the integrity of your roof.

  • Non-Penetrative Design
  • Counter-Weighted System
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Compliance with Safety Standards
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of Ontario MOL, ANSI, OSHA, OHSA, and WorkSafeBC


  • Freestanding & Aesthetically Pleasing: Blends seamlessly with your building’s aesthetics while providing robust fall protection.
  • Portable & Versatile: Can be reconfigured or moved to different areas of the roof as needed, suitable for periodic work.
  • Engineered for All Roof Surfaces: With new lightweight, stable, and stackable baseplates, installation is effortless on any rooftop.
  • Professional Engineering Support: Our experts ensure a customized design that fits your specific rooftop layout and safety requirements.

Ideal for Various Applications

Whether your facility requires periodic maintenance, installation projects, or routine inspections, the Roof Guard Classic system is adaptable to any scenario. It’s perfect for buildings of all sizes, providing a secure environment for workers and maintenance teams without compromising the roof’s structural integrity.


The Roof Guard Classic guardrail system from Rack Systems Inc. represents the forefront of rooftop safety solutions, combining non-intrusive installation with comprehensive fall protection. It’s an essential investment for any facility prioritizing safety without the complications of roof modifications. Opt for Roof Guard Classic for a reliable, maintenance-free, and versatile guardrail system that adheres to the highest safety standards, ensuring your rooftop activities are conducted securely and efficiently.


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