Roof Guard

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Roof Guard

Our Roof Guard Classic guardrail system is non penetrating, designed to eliminate the potential hazard from rooftop falls. With simplicity in mind when developed, this rooftop guardrail system can be quickly and easily assembled and installed onto most rooftops. In order to ensure a quick and easy installation, we designed Roof Guard with a modular design thus allowing for a quick installation that requires no welding, drilling or bolting into the actual roof structure.

Because our guardrail system utilizes a counter-weighted system, there is no cutting required into the existing rooftop surface, meaning RoofGuard’s safety guard railings have no direct or permanent attachments to your rooftop. By having no direct attachment to your rooftop this means that this rooftop guardrail system requires no re-sealing, which will ensure that you have no unexpected leaks because you chose to be safe when working at heights.

  • Free standing, aesthetically pleasing design
  • No penetration of the roof membrane required
  • Easy to install
  • Portable
  • Maintenance free finish
  • Meets or exceeds Ontario MOL requirements, ANSI, OSHA, OHSA & WorkSafeBC

With our all-new and re-designed baseplates which are lightweight, stable on all roof surfaces, but are also stackable which allows for them to be installed with minimal effort.

Our RoofGuard Classic system is extremely versatile. RoofGuard can be reconfigured during installation in order to allow for it to work in almost any situation. Our Professional Engineers can visit your facility to ensure that you have a proper design for your rooftop around any hazardous areas. In many cases this system can also be moved in order to cover different areas if work is periodic.


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