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Storing iron bars, piping and crude materials and picking them in a safe and efficient matter is quite a challenge. Often, most of these items will be stored on the ground and workers will have to go through a pile to get the material they need. To increase the level of safety and efficiency in your work space with a proper  inventory control, we offer you the Roll Out Cantilever Rack.

The Roll Out Cantilever Racks allows you to store long materials inside a drawer system. With these racks, you will not only be able to free up to 50% of your floor space, but your employees will no longer have to find material by digging through dangerous piles. In the end, this greatly increases safety and time optimization.  The drawers completely open, allowing you full access to your materials and facilitating handling with a hoist.

Commonly known as bar rack or pipe racks, the Roll Out Cantilever Rack’s drawer system is adjustable every 3”, allowing you to change your setup according to your needs. You ensure yourself better control of your inventory by utilizing the drawer dividers or the full drawers for short or flexible material. After introducing the Roll Out Cantilever Rack to your workspace, your operations will become more profitable and safer.

Specifications of the Roll Out Cantilever Rack

  • Shelf lengths: 20’, 24’ or 40’
  • Height: 100”, 124”, 148” or 184”
  • Drawer depths: 20”, 24” or 36”
  • Drawer capacity: 6,000 to 16,800 lb.
  • For 12’, 20’, 24’ or 40’ materials
  • Minimum space between the drawers adjustable every 3 inches
  • Drawers open 100% of their length
  • Total capacity: 15,000 to 30,000 lb