Motorized Material Handling Carts

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Motorized Material Handling Carts

Rack Systems Inc., a leader in material handling solutions, proudly introduces the exclusive Canadian distribution of Amigo’s innovative motorized material handling carts. Designed to boost efficiency and alleviate physical strain on workers, these carts are an essential addition to any industrial, commercial, hospital, or warehouse environment.

dex pro plus motorized cart

Dex Pro+

The ultimate efficiency enhancer, featuring a detachable trailer for versatile payload management. Ideal for operations requiring frequent load transfers, this model promotes a seamless drop-and-go approach, perfect for assembly plants and warehouse settings.

  • Versatile Assembly Line Integration: Utilize multiple trailers for streamlined assembly operations.
  • Enhanced Operator Visibility: Stand-up carrier design for superior maneuverability and safety.
dex pro motorized cart

Dex Pro

Tailored for tight spaces with its affixed trailer, the Dex Pro enables single employees to cover more ground swiftly, making it an ideal choice for bustling warehouse and manufacturing environments.

  • Agile and Compact: Midsize burden carrier with exceptional maneuverability.
  • Easy Maintenance: Quick access to service components, with customization options to meet unique needs.
dex pro motorized cart


A versatile personnel carrier that doubles as a tow tractor with the hitch accessory, the Dex is designed to accelerate productivity while minimizing the risk of injury and fatigue.

  • Dual Functionality: Easily transitions from a personnel carrier to a tow tractor.
  • Compact and Agile: Designed for optimal maneuverability in confined spaces.
dex pro motorized cart

Dex HD

Combining robust strength with a compact footprint, the Dex HD offers a 2,500 lbs towing capacity, making it the powerhouse for heavy-duty applications without compromising on maneuverability.

  • Heavy-Duty Performance: Ideal for moving large payloads efficiently.
  • Universal Hitch Compatibility: Versatile towing solutions to meet diverse operational needs.
dex pro motorized cart

Max Pro

This powered platform truck, boasting a zero-turn radius, is designed for transporting up to 1,100 lbs with ease, ensuring workers can move materials quickly without physical strain.

  • Ultimate Maneuverability: Zero turn radius for unparalleled control in tight spaces.
  • Safety and Convenience: Features an automatic braking system for enhanced safety during transport.

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Discover the efficiency and safety benefits of integrating Amigo’s motorized carts into your workflow. Whether you’re in a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or any facility requiring precise material handling, our range of motorized carts is engineered to meet your needs. Experience the Rack Systems Inc. difference today and take the first step towards a more productive and ergonomic workplace.


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