Lift Tables and Stackers

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lift tables Overview

The Lift Tables and Stackers that Rack Systems Inc. offers an unmatched selection of styles, configurations and capacities. In addition to our standard product offering we routinely create custom and modified units to suit special requirements.

Lift table features:

  • Hydraulic Lift Tables
  • Pneumatic Lift Tables
  • Portable Lift Tables
  • Floor Height Lift Tables
  • Extended Vertical Travel Lift Tables
  • Super Heavy-Duty/High-Capacity Lifts


Rack Systems Inc. has been designing and building the industry’s most rugged, durable, and versatile stackers. Our line of stackers includes:

  • Fully powered walkie stackers
  • Manual drive / manual lift pallet stackers
  • Manual drive with powered lift pallet stackers

In all, over 150 specific models are available in Fork Over, Straddle and Counterweight styles. A wide variety of options and accessories allow us to create custom tailored solutions for your specific requirements.

ergonomic efficiency

Lift tables are indispensable tools for industrial applications. These devices offer a simple but effective solution for lifting, lowering, and positioning heavy or cumbersome loads, thereby contributing to increased productivity, better ergonomics, and enhanced safety in the workplace. Knowing when and where to use lift tables for pallets can make a significant difference in optimizing operations.

When to Use Lift Tables for Pallets:

  1. Bulk Material Handling: When warehouses or factories deal with bulk materials that need to be elevated to specific heights for stacking, sorting, or assembling, lift tables are the go-to solution.
  2. Palletizing or Depalletizing: During operations that require loading and unloading of pallets, lift tables can significantly speed up the process while reducing the physical strain on workers.
  3. Frequent Vertical Transfers: In environments where materials must be frequently moved from one vertical position to another, lift tables can significantly streamline the workflow.
  4. Assembly Operations: Lift tables can bring materials to an ergonomic height for workers engaged in assembly lines, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue while increasing productivity.
  5. Temporary Height Adjustment: If there’s a need for temporary height adjustments for special projects or tasks, lift tables offer a flexible and quick solution.

Where to Use Lift Tables for Pallets:

  1. Warehouses and Distribution Centers: Lift tables are invaluable for managing inventory, particularly in large warehouses that deal with an extensive range of products in various shapes and sizes.
  2. Manufacturing Facilities: During the manufacturing process, components often need to be elevated to certain heights for assembly or further processing. Lift tables make this a smooth and efficient operation.
  3. Shipping and Receiving Docks: Loading and unloading are significantly expedited by using lift tables, which can align perfectly with the height of transport vehicles, thus minimizing the time and labor involved.
  4. Retail Backrooms: In large retail operations where goods are frequently moved between storage and display areas, lift tables can help in transporting palletized goods effortlessly.
  5. Automotive Workshops: For tasks that require the lifting of heavy auto parts or even entire vehicles, specialized lift tables can be used for precise and safe positioning.
  6. Construction Sites: While not as common, lift tables can be utilized for lifting building materials to different heights, helping to facilitate various construction processes.
  7. Food Processing Units: In environments that require stringent hygiene standards, specialized stainless-steel lift tables can be used for lifting and positioning food items during various stages of production.
  8. Pharmaceutical Plants: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, where precision and cleanliness are paramount, lift tables can be used for tasks such as ingredient mixing or product packaging.


Lift tables have revolutionized the way pallets and heavy objects are managed across multiple sectors. They offer an array of ergonomic and productivity advantages that help organizations adhere to safety guidelines while also boosting efficiency. Especially in industries where time-sensitive operations are the norm, the strategic deployment of lift tables can have a substantial impact. By identifying the specific scenarios and locations where lift tables are most beneficial, companies can make informed decisions that positively impact their bottom line.


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