BostonTec Work Stations

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work station overview

With BostonTec, Rack Systems Inc. offers an extensive range of packing and shipping workstations with a full list of accessories to accommodate desired ergonomic conditions. Adjustable packing stations allow users to adjust to their own comfort level, alternate between sitting and standing positions, and adjust to accommodate different users in multi shift operations. Corrugate shelves, under work surface storage shelving, bins and other accessories can be incorporated to fit specific needs.

work station features:

  • Ergonomic Workstations
  • Adjust seamlessly to your work process
  • Excel in heavy-duty environments
  • Ensure employee well-being
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Custom solutions

To accommodate a wide variety of products, the workstation system offers a large selection of base frames with either manual or electric height adjustability. These frames can be accessorized with single, double or triple bay uprights to support shelving for packing materials, back screens to post memos and instructions, undersurface storage to provide additional material storage or lockable storage drawers for additional security. The adjacent workstation has all the materials needed for packing and shipping easily stored and accessible in a relatively small space, including the utilization of uprights to hold the bubble wrap in place. If your packing needs require the use of several varying sizes of boxes and packing materials, a trolley can be added to hold your larger shipping containers and bubble wrap.

customizable, ergonomic, and efficient solutions:

Designed to meet the various needs of different industries, BostonTec workstations aim to enhance productivity and worker comfort. The question of when and where to deploy these workstations can greatly influence operational efficiency and employee well-being.

When to Use BostonTec Workstations:

  1. Complex Assembly Tasks: In industrial settings where intricate assembly or disassembly tasks are routine, BostonTec workstations can be configured to hold all the necessary tools and parts, thereby streamlining the process.
  2. High-Volume Data Entry: For operations that require prolonged computer usage, these workstations offer ergonomic designs that minimize the strain on users, making them ideal for tasks like data entry or monitoring.
  3. Custom Tasks: BostonTec workstations can be custom-designed to fit the unique needs of any operation, whether it involves specialized machinery or unique procedural steps, offering flexibility.
  4. Multi-Shift Operations: For industries that function around the clock, the durability and adjustability of BostonTec workstations make them an excellent choice, standing up to heavy usage without sacrificing comfort.
  5. Ergonomic Needs: If your operation has specific ergonomic requirements due to the nature of the tasks or the profile of the workforce, these workstations can be adapted to meet those needs effectively.

Where to Use BostonTec Workstations:

  1. Manufacturing Plants: Whether it’s in the assembly line or the quality control department, BostonTec workstations can be customized to handle specific tasks effectively, making them a valuable asset in manufacturing environments.
  2. Healthcare Facilities: In hospitals or clinics, workstations can be tailored to accommodate medical equipment and supplies, facilitating tasks like diagnostics, record-keeping, or patient monitoring.
  3. E-commerce Fulfillment Centers: These workstations can serve as packing stations, equipped with all the necessary tools and interfaces for efficient order processing.
  4. Laboratories and Research Centers: Scientific research often involves the use of specialized equipment and materials. BostonTec workstations can be adapted to provide organized, efficient, and safe workspaces in such settings.
  5. Educational Institutions: In educational labs or workshops, these workstations offer sturdy and adaptable solutions that can be adjusted according to the task at hand, be it scientific research, art projects, or technology training.
  6. Customer Service Centers: For businesses that operate large customer service centers, BostonTec’s ergonomic workstations provide a comfortable environment for employees who spend long hours at their desks.
  7. Design and Creative Studios: Creativity often demands a blend of digital and manual work. These workstations can be equipped with features like drawing boards, multiple monitors, or tool holders, offering a versatile workspace for creative professionals.
  8. Retail Backrooms: Efficient stock management is crucial in retail. Workstations equipped with shelves, bins, and computer mounts can streamline inventory tasks, from stock checks to labeling and packaging.


Understanding when and where to implement BostonTec workstations can drastically improve the workflow, productivity, and employee satisfaction in a multitude of operational environments. Their modular design ensures they can be continually adapted to meet evolving demands, making them a long-term investment in operational efficiency and employee well-being. From healthcare and manufacturing to education and retail, BostonTec workstations offer a versatile solution that combines durability, customizability, and ergonomic design to meet the unique challenges of diverse industries.


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