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Pallet Flow Rack is an ideal solution if you need to increase the number of pallet positions and keep the ability to rotate stock; a first in, first out high density storage system.

Pallet flow works like a conveyor system within the rack.  Pallets are loaded at the charge or input end and then flow down inclined rollers to the pick faces. Available up to twenty-plus pallet positions deep, a pallet flow system dramatically increases your storage capacity.

  • First-In, First-Out (FIFO) solution
  • Maximize throughput
  • Must have good stock rotation
  • Want to reduce product handling

Pallet flow racking is ideal for freezer warehouses, food distribution or for storage of high-volume customer goods. Pallet flow racking is also good for holding warehouses and dispatch areas where pallets need to be removed quickly. Additionally, the system helps to keep employees at a safe distance from the forklifts that are replenishing the racks at the input end.

Rack Systems Inc. Pallet Flow racking system uses gravity-driven conveyors to move pallets. Pallet Flow lanes can contain either roll tracks which require higher quality pallets, or full width rollers which work with a variety of pallet qualities.